Astrology is considered by many to be the salvation of many romances - and may be considered the basis for a Love Calculator.

Love Calculator

  Love Calculator - Astrology Compatibility – what scary terms! Actually the concept is incomprehensible for most of us who have never explored it, or chosen not to.

It does indeed sound like something to scoff at - in any social environment.

So, just what is it that can evoke such varying opinions of strong belief, or strong ridicule?

Well, take a look at this chart below that is just for you. It may be start of a Love Calculator for you..

Now you see just how much fun, and illuminating it can be to get a `reading` like you just did - above.  Let me guess:  you found something interesting in this evaluation – and you see some truths in it.  Am I right?

Yep – I’ll bet you will agree to that!

Now, assuming that is true – let me make another guess:  You are thinking that if this little experiment tells you some valuable information, what could a real reading tell you?

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First, a word or two about the early origins of astrology: It is generally considered to have become a force of some importance around 1800 BC, with the Babylonians. There is recorded history of some credibility ascribing it to an increasing factor in the 1600’s BC- when some 70 cuneiform tablets were discovered – listing some 7,000 celestial omens.

All right, so what does this have to do with a Love Calculator, astrology profiles and ultimately compatibility?

Well, let me give you a personal example. I, probably like most of you, never gave it a second thought. That is, until a friend of mine asked for a few specifics like:

1. Date of Birth

2. Place of Birth

3. Time of Birth

All items are on your birth record. Well, partly to humor my friend, but quite honestly out of a little curiosity, I supplied this information. Shortly after, he gave me a report that was astounding. It was astounding in that it gave details that I never shared with him, and frankly some details I have never shared with anyone!

Surprise, shock, incredulity? For example (just what I want share publicly) is personal interests. Of all the bazillions of interests that can be attributed to people, only THREE were listed –and those three were dead on.

To go back to the ancients, just think about their how feelings of awe and curiosity about the sky shaped early civilization. They observed and carefully recorded the ways in which the moon shifted from night to night, as well as recording the movement of the constellations.

This is how the ancient cultures first developed calendars, noting the moon’s movements creating the concept of a month.

And they discerned that certain predictions and trends matched up with specific heavenly movements of the skies. Does it seem that we just don’t give our predecessors enough credit for their studies and conclusions?

But, come on – Horoscope Compatibility – Love Calculator - Astrology Relationships...

Hah! Give me a break..

But consider: If astrology is that accurate in detailing an individual’s make-up, (their accuracy is absolutely provable) could it not be valuable in ascribing personality (and other measurable traits) in matching up people on the basis of relationship compatibility?

Well, is it worth checking out? If your answer is NO!, we understand.

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But, one question – can it be any less than the methods most people use today in choosing their mates?

Just look at the rate of divorces, versus happy successful marriages!

Is it worth it to check out your choice of a SOUL MATE? Yes, we think it is..

The real question is:  How do you choose a true, reliable astrologer?  You many have noticed that we have carefully selected the very best we could find anywhere, and that is why you see these links:

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